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The main focus of the company is to design, manufacture and market new leading products for the sanitation market. Key criteria taken into consideration is drastically reduce impact on water usage in households (up to 70%), health and hygiene of the users, prevention of contamination and destruction of the environment, ground water resources and river systems due to raw sewage spillages.

The product must be user-friendly, easy and cost effective to maintain, easy to transport and install, totally "green" and no dependency on outside power sources. In addition the solution needs to provide dignified sanitation (flushable toilets) to those communities previously disadvantaged.

We now have regional manufacturing and distribution licences available.
Should you be interested in this, please email us for further details.


The unique concept:
The goal is to achieve the correct hydraulic flow pattern design to achieve maximum water purification ability. As seen in the design of our flow pattern it is critical that combined with our bacteria Blend achieve the goal. The flow pattern describe in such a small footprint unit consist of creating an anaerobic section to with a very slow hydraulic flow rate maximize anaerobic breakdown in time of solids and an aerobic section creating a very high flow rate for sufficiently aerate to maximize biological breakdown of ammonia in the water. Combination of different filter systems ensures efficient filtration in key areas to assist the mechanical and biological process. Also a unique feature is the structural design of the top structure in that the design allows the walls to be cavity areas creating a hut with water holding capacity as well acting as a rainwater colleting facility.

Key Criteria
  • Dignity to Humankind
  • Acceptable to the Environment
  • Safety, hygiene and health
  • Odourless and no Flies
  • Waterborne flush toilet
  • On site raw sewage treatment facility
  • Reusable recycle water
  • Rainwater collecting ability
  • Limited to zero external water usage
  • No external electricity supply
  • Affordability
  • No dependency on expensive time consuming civil reticulation

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